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Ignorance And The Blissfully Demanding Moms

If you don’t know who Moms Demand Action is, I will give you a quick update.  MDA was founded after the Sandy Hook shooting, by a professional communications exec Shannon Watts and is now funded by the billionaire nanny-statist Michael Bloomberg.  The group is a national organization with chapters in many states, including Michigan.  This group is comprised of both men and women with stated good intentions of reducing “gun violence.”

The problem is, they have no idea what they are talking about.

Look, I’m sure most of the people in this group mean well, but good intentions are about as useful as a “no guns” sign during a mass shooting.  If the gun analogy doesn’t work for you then go with a drainage plug in a boat at the bottom of a lake.  It sounded good at one point, but it’s pretty useless now.

People who carry guns for protection understand this and much more. These are people who understand that we are all responsible for our own safety, and they put forth a great deal of time and effort towards accepting that responsibility.  In essence, these are people who take the time to learn our laws and how to live within them, because for them, being mistaken about a law, even with good intentions, can mean years of prison time.  Their life as they know it is on the line.

What does it mean for MDA and the other side?  Well, not much.  At the worst they just look a little silly which they just can’t seem to stop doing.  They have no real investment in this topic and it shows!

Take for instance a recent MDA protest outside of an Ann Arbor Kroger.  Essentially, MDA wants Kroger to ask customers to not bring firearms into their stores like a few other chains have recently.  Forget for a second the obvious flaw that a simple request will do nothing to stop someone who already has no interest in following our laws, and instead focus on these comments from the MDA rep Kristen Moore at the event:

Moore said that concealed pistol carriers are different.

Those with CPL’s had to go through much more extensive background checks and training to lawfully carry their weapon, she said.

So they are not worried about CPL holders?  Well, at least they acknowledge the lengthy process CPL holders have to go through to become licensed.

But here’s the thing.  Kroger has a liquor license.  Under Michigan law it is illegal for people to possess firearms on the premises of such an establishment, except under a few enumerated circumstances.  One of those being for those who have a CPL.

Did you catch that?  MDA isn’t worried about CPL holders but is protesting outside of a place where only CPL holders may possess a firearm.  Brilliant!

Or how about the time when the Michigan leader for MDA Linda Brundage said a Michigan bill to expand background checks to all long-gun sales was needed to help prevent shootings like one that had just happened in the area.  She never did explain how requiring background checks on long-guns would have stopped a shooting where a “properly licensed and registered” pistol was used.  I guess we are left to our imagination on that one.

Or the time when Rep. Jim Townsend (D-Royal Oak), a big MDA supporter, said:

We have gun safety in this state [...] because of the explosion of organized crime in the 1930’s – Tommy guns shooting up people on every block. That is the reason we started trying to get our arms around getting guns off the streets.

If you are like me then you know right off the top of your head that Michigan’s gun-control act is Public Act 372 of 1927. In case you are wondering, yes the act was passed in 1927, 7 years before the federal government. I even keep a copy of the original wording printed off and highlighted at my desk. Despite repeated requests, Rep. Townsend has yet to explain how events in the 1930’s drove legislation in the previous decade.

I could go on and on about this stuff as there is no shortage of of these people just having no idea what they are doing. Like Andy Schor’s (D-Lansing) gun-control bill meant to ban firearms in certain places that would actually increase the presence of openly carried long guns! My goodness did he miss the mark on that one! Did I mention he is another MDA supporter?

Maybe one of these days the demanding moms and their supporters will invest some time into actually getting a clue. Although, achieving a functional level of understanding usually causes one to leave the pro-gun-control side, which probably explains a lot.



ALL of the anti gun proponents are way off the mark. Anti gunners feel that enacting more laws will curb gun violence. Obviously criminals don't care about laws and increasing laws will only restrict a law abiding gun owners second amendment rights. I will though totally respect the anti gunners opinions and not use my gun when/if a situation involving them arises.

I feel that if MDA used all this energy to try stopping people who commit crimes with guns, mental health screenings, etc and layoff on the legal armed citizens who would follow the law this State and many others would be in a much better place so we can all live and work and function as one society together not divided, tell that to the criminals and see their response ?

The abject ignorance of the people of the U.S. is appalling. Very few are familiar with the contents of the documents written by our founding fathers forAmerica, this new Republic telling us of our freedoms and rights inder God. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been under attack and even more so today by this huge, powerful, over reaching government who ignores those documents. If one read the Declaration of Independence, it describes the kind of government that the people need to fight against and destroy and that description describes everything we see happening in America today. The second Ammendment was put into writing so that we understand we have the right to defend ourselves against harm and the major harm we might have to fight against is a tyrannical, out of control government. We read from history that all governments such as this one, ultimately take the guns away from all citizens, leaving them defenseless. so they would have freedom to continue on doing whatever they wish. This ignorant populace had bought into the endoctrination and brainwashing by this government and the media telling them that even the word 'gun' is a bad word. Recently, a young boy was kicked out of school for saying that word aloud. The people now have learned to fear guns instead of fearing the bad individuals who use them. These ignorant brainwashed fearful do-gooders such as those in the MDA, don't even know that most every one of those mass slaughterings were accomplished in" Gun Free Zones"which is in itself unconstitutionl. Britian and Australian citizens had warned Americans not to let them take our guns away. Ever since it was done to them, crimes against them have become rampant and they are helpless. There is a military vet who stated: "An armed man is a citizen; An unarmed man, is a subject."

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