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MOC Obtains MCOLES Active Duty Firearms Standard

MCOLES (The Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards) posted their firearm standards on the internet.  The only problem is you need a password to view the encrypted PDF.  According to the page, their agent, Danny Rosa, will only provide you the encryption password if you can provide your MCOLES number to demonstrate you are an active law enforcement officer.

No worries, through the magical powers of FOIA, MOC is here to help...

Here it is, the FOIA'd, scanned, unencrypted MCOLES Active Duty Firearms Standard


  1. Performance Standards
    1. Demonstrate an Understanding of the Use of Deadly Force
    2. Properly Assess a Life Threatening Situation
    3. Employ Sound Tactics During a Response to a Life Threatening Situation
    4. Appropriately Discharge a Firearm in a Life Threatening Situation
    5. Comply With Departmental Policies in Situations Involving Deadly Force
    6. Demonstrate an Understanding of The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) of 2004
    7. Demonstrate an Understanding of Michigan's Concealed Carry Laws
    8. Demonstrate Proficiency on the MCOLES Course of Fire for Active Law Enforcement Officers
  2. Course of Fire Standards including Distance and Accuracy Requirements on a TCQ-95 Target
Law Enforcement Firearm Standards
Law Enforcement


What is the MCOLES Course of Fire for Active Law Enforcement officers?

The course of fire is in the linked document above, in the story.

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