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More Shameful Exploitation From Gun Controllers

Why Do Gun Control Proponents Keep Proposing Irrelevant “Solutions”?

Recently in a Detroit Free Press op-ed, Michigan State Rep. Jon Hoadley (left) shamelessly used the recent spree killing in Kalamazoo to push legislation of his and others that would have done absolutely nothing to stop the killer.

It shouldn’t be any wonder that people like Rep. Hoadley are not taken seriously after such calls, but to them it is.  If the ideas from these gun-control proponents are so based in “common sense” then why do they always propose them after incidents their ideas would have had zero effect on?

Don’t get me wrong, there is a conversation to be had here and many ideas to be vetted.  That said, we should all be sickened by people like Rep. Hoadley who, time and time again, try to exploit very sad events like this to push an agenda irrelevant to the topic.

If Rep. Hoadley wants to attack Open Carry, then fine.  Rather than engaging in shameful and irrelevant exploitation, he should accept my numerous offers for a public debate.

Here are the four sets of bills Rep. Hoadley plugged:

House Bills 4261-2, would prohibit open carry in places currently off limits to concealed carry for CPL holders.

* The killer concealed his pistol illegally without a CPL and he did not possess his firearm in any of these places. Two strikes.

HBs 4590, 4591 and 4592, which would extend state mandated background checks to rifles and shotguns.

* Not only did the killer not use a rifle or shotgun, he used a lawfully purchased and registered handgun which means he passed the background check. It should also be noted that he passed Uber’s background checks too. Two more strikes.

HBs 4942-3, which would create a Gun Violence Restraining Order.

* Due process issues aside, even Rep. Hoadley acknowledged that the killer exhibited zero signs of being troubled. Another miss.

HBs 4944-5, which would allow schools, hospitals, day care centers, places of worship and other such places to prohibit the open carry of firearms on their property.

* All of the entities listed above except public schools can already do this. That aside, again the killer did not possess his firearm in any of these places and he illegally concealed his pistol.





Hoadley is clown, it sickens me how many people out there say he is doing "Great Work". It a shame that most Sheeple out there seem to agree with his logic or lack thereof. Get em Tom...

“Enough is enough,” Rep. Hoadley said. “We must turn our thoughts and prayers into action and work hard to keep guns out of dangerous hands.”... And apparently the hands of LAW ABIDING PEOPLE.... Shame on him

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