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MOC's NE Regional Coordinator Reg Carr Leaving, Interim NW Coordinator Andy Marek Appointed.

Yesterday we were informed that Reg Carr, our NE Regional Coordinator, will be resigning from his possition and moving to another state in the coming weeks. While we've known that this was likely to happen at some point, we are still saddened to see him go. Reg has done a wonderful job promoting Open Carry and MOC in northern Michigan to an extent we haven't seen in years.

Today, I informed the leadership of MOC, that I have accepted a new job in Knoxville, Tennessee and have to resign from my position on the Leadership team.

I am excited for the opportunity to work with a small family company and the many challenges ahead, much like when I accepted the position as the Northern Michigan Coordinator.

We, as a group, have made great progress in spreading the word about Open Carry, here in the Great White North. It is my hope that someone will step up and continue to preach the gospel of Open Carry to the masses. I found it very rewarding, working with the leadership team to develop the northern area into a great group of MOC fans.

I will miss the comradery of my fellow OCer’s, as we all know, OCer’s are the best people that grace the face of the earth.

I look forward to seeing the progress of MOC in the future.

Tennessee does not have a group such as ours, yet. I look forward the being involved with the OCer’s in Tennessee, and maybe even getting a TOC group started.


- Reg Carr

Reg, we thank you for your service and we wish you the best in the future.

In the mean time, the Board of Directors for Michigan Open Carry, Inc. has appointed Andy Marek as the interm NW Regional Coordinator. Andy has been a strong voice for Open Carry in the Travers City area and we are happy to have him aboard. Andy will take over as the primary nornthern coordinator and will assist MOC in finding someone who is able to take on the job long term.

Welcome Andy!

If you are interested in helping out in either the NE or the NW, or even in the UP, please email

Open Carry

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