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Clio Responds to MOC Complaint

Clio Areas schools through their attorneys at Giarmarco, Mullins, and Horton have filed their response to the MOC v Clio Area Schools lawsuit.

I am just posting it in the interest of keeping everyone informed (it is a public document after all, free for anyone who goes to the Courthouse in Flint to view).

Response aside, there is no new developments in the case at this time.  Our attorney will be working with the court to schedule the next steps in the litigation.

Other Attachments:
MOC's Complaint in the State's 7th Circuit (for number reference)

K12 Lawsuit


Just gave the document a glimpse. Wow, this might get interesting. Not only do they deny any wrongdoing for a variety of hilarious reasons (public schools NOT being a government unit!), but they think the law prohibits open carry of arms in schools as a matter of fact/law! Holy cow!

funny how they say their not a governmental unit but claim governmental immunity. Lawyers will have a field day with that one. A lot of false untruths in their answer to basic laws. Which are other items the lawyers will have a field day with. I put my money on this will end up like
CADL and they will try to pressure a jury to do what's best for the greater good rather then follow the law which will fail.

The school makes themselves sound uneducated to me with remarks that sounds like they will not comply no matter what , and the courts will side with the schools instead of siding with not just the law abiding citizens rights BUT also the ruling already a law and that is so long as the person has a cpl than concealed IS allowed .AA

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