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The Rahinsky Renege

Contact Chief Rahinsky today and tell him to live up to his word and meet with local representatives for Michigan's gun groups like he said he would!

About a month ago, the new Grand Rapids police chief, Chief Rahinsky, made a few ignorant comments about Open Carry. Immediately following the news, a citizen contacted the Chief to express his displeasure. To his credit, the Chief quickly contacted the citizen and a pleasant conversation ensued. The citizen reported to us that during the conversation, the Chief said his comments were out of context and made an offer to meet with members of the gun groups to find common ground.

Well, since the citizen knows prominent members in multiple gun groups, the citizen was able to quickly obtain commitments to meet with the Chief. The same night even.

Unfortunately, now that we have demonstrated that we are serious, the Chief no longer seems to be. Our numerous attempts to contact the Chief over the past month have gone unanswered.

Did the Chief chicken out or did Mayor Heartwell get to him? Contact the Chief and find out and tell him to do what he said he would do.

P: 616-456-3364

Grand Rapids

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