MOC-Backed Brandishing Bills take effect

Today, August 10th, MOC's definition for "Brandish" will go into effect, as well as the new exemption for those acting under the Michigan Self-Defense Act.

On May 13th, Governor Snyder signed HB 4160 and 4161. These two bills defined "Brandish" for the first time in Michigan and overhauled the exceptions to better suit the definition as well as add self-defense as a legal reason to brandish. Each bill contained a 90 day enactment clause.

HB 4161, the bill that created the definition, received only two no votes in the entire Michigan Legislature. This is a level of support rarely seen for any bill, especially one dealing with firearms.

The new definition should make it clear that an openly carried holstered handgun is NOT brandishing.

(c) "Brandish" means to point, wave about, or display in a threatening manner with the intent to induce fear in another person.

While we expect to see little change at this point, due to brandishing prosecutions of OCers already becoming increasingly rare, these changes signify a very strong acknowledgement of the legality of OC and the increasing public support.

Congratulations to all the open carriers who made this possible through your advocacy, however large or small. You are winning. Carry on.


Tom Lambert
Michigan Open Carry, Inc.