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Nevada Drops Reciprocity for Michigan

According to Nevada's DPS Website, Nevada no longer recognizes Michigan's CPL for reciprocity.

Obviously, we are very upset at this news.  I have personally confirmed with Mariah Owens of Nevada's Department of Public Safety that Michigan has been dropped.  I will be contacting Michigan's Attorney General Office tomorrow to discuss this change and see what they can/will do to reverse the situation.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has been very proud of Michigan's record of reciprocity.  While there is no guarantees, I'd hope he will work to correct the situation with Nevada.

In the interim, it would be advisable for those who do not posess a permit from another state that is on Nevada's list to not carry concealed in Nevada.  We will keep you updated with what we find out from Michigan's AG.




Maybe we should drop them.

Nevada isn't just Vegas. People from Nevada are upset with this as well, trust me.

What? A Sure hope this can be changed. We have enjoyed being able to take our handguns and use an excellent range near where my brother lives in Nevada.

So do we even know why they have dropped us??

Yes, we should drop them. Reciprocity means Ill take yours if you will take mine-a two way arrangement. As it is MI take ALL and we get how many??

It looks like the issue may lie with how Michigan documents and makes available information regarding it's CPL holders to Nevada, which recently passed a general gun law reform bill (SB 175) that changes the reciprocity law in Nevada in a significant way

Sample excerpt: "Determine whether each state has an electronic database which identifies each individual who possesses a valid permit to carry a concealed firearm issued by that state and which a law enforcement officer in this State may access at all times through a national law enforcement telecommunications system."

Read more obout the change below:

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