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MOC Secretary Resigns

Michigan Open Carry, Inc's secretary, Mike Perchard, has resigned.  Mike cites personal health reasons for his resignation.

It is with regret that I must inform you that I am resigning as Secretary of Michigan Open Carry. While I have done the best I could after assuming this role, I am sad to say that my own personal and health issues prevent me from continuing in this role


I hope that in time, with some resolution to my current situation, I may again be of use to MOC, even if it is only that as a local coordinator. I will, if the Board wishes, continue to do publish the bi-weekly updates as best I can.

Thank you for the privilege of serving such a very worthwhile and needed cause and organization.

Mike has been the Secretary since January 2014.  He was appointed to fill a term that was left vacant by our previous secretary.  Previously, Mike was elected to a position on our Board of Directors in the summer of 2013.

The remaining Board of Directors thanks Mike for his service and we wishes him well with his health.  We thank him for his continued involvement with the Bi-Weekly updates and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.

The Board of Directors is deliberating his replacement and a few interested candidates have already been identified.  Any dues paying member interested in the position can contact the remaining Board of Directors at for consideration.  We seek to have the position filled soon.

The requirements of the position:

6.11 Secretary.
  1. Gives all notices as provided in the By-Laws or as required by law. 
  2. Takes minutes of the meetings of the members and the Board and keep the minutes as part of the corporate records. 
  3. Maintains custody of the corporate records and seal. 
  4. Affixes the corporate seal to all documents as authorized. 
  5. Keeps a register of the mailing address of each member, Governor, officer, director and employee of the Corporation. 
  6. Performs duties as assigned by the President or the Board. 
  7. Performs all duties incident to the office of Secretary. 

Our Secretary also has:

  1. Been the keeper/arranger of the agenda of our monthly leadership meetings.
  2. The secretary is also the membership director.  That is the secretary is responsible to process memberships.  This includes:
    1. Hand entering data into our system, if it is a paper application.
    2. Creating the membership cards
    3. Stuffing a printed envelope with materials including the membership card, a welcome letter, and some small trinkets.

The Secretary is a voting member of our Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

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