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News articles by Michigan Open Carry, Inc. that may be of interest to its membership, open carriers, or gun owners.  Ideas for news articles can be submitted to our news editor, Dan Griffin.

Plaintiffs File for Discovery in Clio Lawsuit

Recently our counsel served defendant CASD with a Request for Production of Documents (Discovery).

Is Michigan being lapped?

Has anyone wondered if Michigan is being lapped in terms of advancing the protections to your fundamental human right to self defense?

While modest gains have been made this session (brandishing, elimination of gun boards etc.), one must ask if this is good enough.

Michigan is solidly republican on the state level. The democrats have as much power in Lansing as republicans do in Honolulu or Sacramento.

Looking around the country, 2015 has been a good year for those who value their fundamental human right to self defense.

Maine has re-legalized switchblades and is about to eliminate the permit requirement for concealed handguns.

Texas re-legalized open carry, passed knife preemption, and passed college campus concealed carry.

MOC Thanks Representatives Johnson, Hughes, and Dillon (Open Letter)

To: Hon. Joel Johnson, Hon. Holly Hughes, and Hon. Brandon Dillon
Date: May. 26, 2014
Subject: HB 4160 & HB 4161

Your Honors:

On behalf of the Michigan Open Carry, Inc. Legislative Team, our Board of Directors, and our membership I would like to extend this thank you to Rep. Johnson and Rep. Hughes for helping to enhance firearm rights in Michigan through your work and sponsorship of HB 4160 and HB 4161.  For the first time in recent years, these acts, which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, help recognize open carry as a lawful activity in Michigan.  

Moms Demand Misdemeanors for Moms in Michigan

Recently the Moms Demand Action - MI Facebook page thanked, with the hashtag ‪#‎BackgroundChecksSaveLives‬, state Representative Jim Townsend for introducing legislation that would require a license and a background check in order to purchase, carry, possess or transport any firearm.

The problem is, as is common with "well meaning" freedom opponents, they just don't know what they are talking about, and of course that leads to very real consequences for otherwise good law-abiding people.

In this case, in the spectacular ironic fashion normally indicative of MDA, the most likely law-abiding group to be victimized by this legislation also happens to share the title of mom.

Pro-Gun Brandishing reform signed into law

We are happy to announce that yesterday (5/12/2015) the Brandishing bills, which were written by MOC's legislative team, became law.  These bills, for the first time in Michigan, define brandishing and in doing so make it clear: OPEN CARRY IS NOT BRANDISHING!

HB 4160 has been signed as 2015 Public Act 27.  HB 4161 has been signed as 2015 Public Act 28

Many thanks to Representative Joel Johnson for being the primary legislative sponsor for this package as well as Representative Holly Hughes for sponsoring HB 4161.

Clio Responds to MOC Complaint

Clio Areas schools through their attorneys at Giarmarco, Mullins, and Horton have filed their response to the MOC v Clio Area Schools lawsuit.

Additional scrutiny merely because someone is open carrying? All aboard the failboat!

"No one knows the mindset or the frame of mind an individual is in when they show up at a building openly carrying a weapon," stated Jim Baker, Superintendant of Huron Valley Schools in a Detroit Free Press article published on the 29th of October, 2014. This type of statement is commonly thrown around when people try to argue for prohibiting the practice of openly carrying pistols in schools. "They immediately go into a lockdown, call local law enforcement and let the police come and helps to better understand what the mindset is." Id.

MOC Obtains MCOLES Active Duty Firearms Standard

MCOLES (The Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards) posted their firearm standards on the internet.  The only problem is you need a password to view the encrypted PDF.  According to the page, their agent, Danny Rosa, will only provide you the encryption password if you can provide your MCOLES number to demonstrate you are an active law enforcement officer.

No worries, through the magical powers of FOIA, MOC is here to help...

More Than Ambassadors

More Than Ambassadors
by Dan Griffin

It has often been said that, as open carriers, we are ambassadors of the firearms community.  I believe this to be true, and as such we should present ourselves in the best possible light.  But it seems lately we have become more than ambassadors: we have become targets.


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