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News articles by Michigan Open Carry, Inc. that may be of interest to its membership, open carriers, or gun owners.  Ideas for news articles can be submitted to our news editor, Dan Griffin.

Judge Denies Clio Motion, Directs MOC Attorney to Write Order

MOC's Court Case against Clio Area Schools had a day in court.  Today was the hearing for Clio's motion for summary judgment, that is Clio asking for the Judge to side with them and end the case.  The judge denied Clio's motion and handed the case to MOC.

MOC-Backed Brandishing Bills take effect

Today, August 10th, MOC's definition for "Brandish" will go into effect, as well as the new exemption for those acting under the Michigan Self-Defense Act.

On May 13th, Governor Snyder signed HB 4160 and 4161. These two bills defined "Brandish" for the first time in Michigan and overhauled the exceptions to better suit the definition as well as add self-defense as a legal reason to brandish. Each bill contained a 90 day enactment clause.

And the 2013 BATFE Numbers Are In

In the July 2014 edition of the Michigan Open Carry Newsletter I presented a detailed analysis of private firearms ownership in the United States.  I estimated that, as of a year ago, conservatively we probably had well over 350 million guns in this country.  That number was based on my estimate of 15 million firearms being manufactured, imported, and sold in the United States in 2013.

MOC Responds to Clio's Motion for Summary Judgement

MOC has filed a response to Clio's July 6 motion for Summary Judgement.  In its response MOC cites the CADL decision to defend its assertion that Clio is a preempted local government:


Changes to the MOC Leadership

Right after the MOC Board of Directors elections, the Board of Directors set to work filling vacancies and Leadership positions. Here are the results:

MOC Election Results

The results are in.  The dues paying members of Michigan Open Carry, Inc. have spoken.  Here are the election results:

Davis to fill Board of Directors Vacancy

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce they have unanimously appointed Randy Davis to fill the Board Position left by a recent resignation.

Clio Area Schools Files Motion for Summary Judgement

In a 10 page motion and brief, Clio Area Schools (CAS) has asked the judge to dismiss MOC's Lawsuit.

It's Time to Opt-Out of Handgun Registration. Here's How.

The information contained in this page is not legal advice. We are not lawyers, if you'd like individualized legal advice, we'd be happy to refer you to some Law Practices with known firearm specializations.  Also, we can not control that you can be arrested or cited for engaging in 100% lawful activity as it happens everyday for all sorts of activities or actions. All we can do is relay what the law says and what case law dictates , or what it does not dictate.

This article has nothing to do with carrying a concealed pistol or with carrying a pistol in a vehicle. This article deals ONLY with the various aspects of licenses to purchase/possess and registration.

Michigan is one of those pesky states with handgun registration. It's been around since about 1913,  which even predates New York's by about 18 years and Hawaii's draconian registration requirement by about 35 years or so. Michigan was the first jurisdiction in the United States to have handgun registration.


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